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Team Building


Jilin billion Yuntianhua implementation of the "talent-level" strategy, always put the development of qualified personnel in an important position.
This is a bold innovation, good tough fight, passionate team.
existing staff of 700 people, including graduate students and 12 undergraduate students 180 people; 35 people have senior titles; the age of 35 or less employees accounted for 44%.
flexible employment mechanism, according to "after the first period", "every into a compulsory, every liter will be competing," "demoted" principle, for employees to build a platform for personal development, career advancement dual channel design, build core talent echelon.
establish internal training division team, digging internal training resources, a part-time appointment of 58 internal trainers.
to "division with only" way to protect the company's technology and management experience of heritage.
Billion to build a learning organization, annual investment of over one million training staff, regularly send senior management personnel assignment study, many selected candidates to the Haier Group's core business and other famous site management and corporate culture of learning.
introduction of Deloitte & Touche and other professional consulting firms, enhance employee and enterprise management level.